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FAQ for Referrals

Who We Are

A team of psychiatric providers & clinicians at one outpatient site in the Spokane Valley working
collaboratively to help people with behavioral health issues get better.

What We Do

Serve the mid-level care gap between traditional outpatient psychiatric care & inpatient facilities.

Supplement lower level outpatient care (such as medication management) or transition out of
inpatient care (such as inpatient psychiatric care, residential facilities, or the ER).

Who We Serve

Adults & adolescents whose behavioral healthcare needs are more acute than what may be provided by a traditional outpatient psychiatric provider or outpatient therapist.

Adults & adolescents who would benefit from step down services after an inpatient psychiatric

People suffering from treatment-resistant depression with multiple failed medications.

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Services Available for Referral

TMS Therapy

TMS is FDA Approved for Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder with an average response rate of greater than 70% & remission rate greater than 50%. 


Intensive Outpatient Program

Custom curriculum, incorporating Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills & interventions. Used as a measure to preventative inpatient hospitalization.


Esketamine Treatment

Esketamine, or Spravato®, is the first nasal spray medication that is a treatment for depression. Combined with an antidepressant, Spravato® is FDA-approved to treat depression and has been clinically shown to improve symptoms of depression over just 4 weeks.