Discover YOU IOP

Discovery of oneself is just the beginning.

Psychiatric Solutions’ Discover YOU Intensive Outpatient Program is a flexible program that meets a variety of needs and provides intensive help for individuals who need more than the outpatient services they have already received.

About Discover YOU IOP

Intensive Outpatient Program

People often experience a need to step up their treatment from traditional therapy to a slightly more intensive treatment or step down from Partial Hospitalization on their journey to health. Our Intensive Outpatient program is a mid-level comprehensive treatment plan, designed to fill this gap.

  • Short Wait Times
    Get started in 7 Days or less
  • Small Group Settings
    6-10 people per group
  • Everything under one roof
    Therapeutic Solutions is a full service psychiatric practice
  • Virtual or on-site options available

Our Intensive Outpatient program (IOP) is three hours of intensive treatment per day for three to four days a week, potentially allowing you to work or attend school while seeking treatment. We offer personalized care during the day, with the comfort of sleeping in your own bed at night.

IOP patients learn helpful ideas about how to manage symptoms in both group and individual settings.

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Our Intensive Outpatient Program has many advantages, including:

  • Living at home while you continue your treatment
  • Creating a schedule that allows you to attend school or work
  • Receiving intensive personalized care from a highly qualified team outside of the hospital setting
  • Working closely with therapists and other mental health professionals
  • Immersing yourself in a treatment plan tailored to your needs
  • Receiving care in an intimate environment where patients can receive attention more quickly than the traditional outpatient program setting

Are You a Good Candidate for IOP?

What’s the right behavioral health program for you or your loved one? This is a difficult question to answer on your own. It can take time before a patient works up the motivation to seek counseling for their mental health issues, and one bad experience could prevent them from trying again for some time.

Because we want all of our patients to feel confident that they are in the right program, we perform an initial assessment before making any commitments. This will provide both you and our staff with an opportunity to determine if the Intensive Outpatient Program is the right choice for you.