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Behavioral Health Assessments in Spokane

Is Psychiatric Solutions the Right Fit for You?

In order to determine if our programs are a good fit for a person’s needs, we offer an assessment with one of our qualified therapists. Assessments help us collaborate with you to determine the level of care, programs, and additional services and treatments that are right for you. Our trained assessment coordinators will collaborate with you to identify your treatment needs and options.

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The initial assessment will involve the following:

We receive many of our patients through referrals from primary care providers, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other behavioral health professionals. Individuals can also seek us out on their own if they believe they can benefit from intensive behavioral health services.

The assessment process allows us to find out if our programs and facilities are in-line with what a patient will need. Every behavioral health center has their own specialties and approaches to mental health programs, so it’s important for patients and staff to understand each other before treatment begins.

The initial assessment will involve the following:

An interview with trained assessment coordinators who will discuss the preliminary information you have provided us.

An outline of what your treatment might entail should you choose to participate in our outpatient program. Treatment is personalized based on the information you have provided.

An opportunity for you to ask questions and discuss any concerns you have about the program and your treatment options.

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What Should I Bring?

Be sure to bring identification and insurance card to your assessment. You will also need to download and fill out a New Patient Packet before your appointment. The patient packet can be downloaded , or you can arrive at your appointment 30 minutes early and complete it at our office.

How Long Does the Behavioral Health Assessment Take?

The length of the behavior health assessment will vary depending on several factors. Each case is unique and our staff wants each assessment to be as thorough as possible. Depending on the type of treatment the patient is seaking, the amount of and type of preliminary information we have been provided with, and which type of treatment we recommend for the patient, the assessment will usually take at least an hour to allow us to provide the best course of treatment for the individual.