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Adolescent Outpatient Therapy in Spokane

Behavioral Health Counseling for Young Adults

Teens in Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program get to be in a program with people their own age and benefit from therapies and treatments designed to meet the unique needs of being an adolescent.

The Adolescent Therapy Program is specifically designed for young adults who are working through emotional and/or behavioral issues, including anxiety and depression. This program follows an intensive outpatient format, meeting three days a week for three hours. Patients avoid costly hospital charges and get support navigating the gap between full hospitalization and a weekly therapy visit.

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It’s unlikely that your child will tell you that they need therapy, and it’s not always easy for parents to tell the difference between normal adolescent behavior and signs of mental distress. Teenagers often go through periods of reclusion, irritability, and impulsivity during adolescence, and much of it will be unlike anything you experienced when they were still in their early childhood years.

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Keep in mind that every child is different and it’s not unusual for a teenager to exhibit one or two of the above symptoms from time to time. However, if such behaviors occur on a frequent basis with no sign of improvement, your child may benefit from a consultation with a behavioral health specialist.