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Behavioral Health Services in Spokane

About Psychiatric Solutions

Different mental health centers offer a wide range of services and programs. Patients dealing with mental health conditions have many different needs depending on their specific circumstances. If you are looking into mental health services for yourself or a loved one, it is important to find a facility that is offering the specific type of programs you need.

Psychiatric Solutions is unique in that we offer intensive outpatient programs for depression and addiction treatment. Patients arrive at our facility on a daily basis to undergo counseling and treatment. This allows them to enjoy the support and comfort of their home life while still making progress on their mental health.

It’s important to find the right balance for your mental health needs. Patients who are leaving a 24-hour residential facility may have difficulty transitioning back to daily life without continuous professional support. Likewise, outpatients receiving treatment two or three days a week may feel like they need a more intensive program but are unwilling to check-in to a residential facility. Psychiatric Solutions offers an effective compromise between these two options.

Call us today at (509) 863-9779 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the services we offer for depression treatment.

  • We empower patients to play an active role in their treatment, recovery, and health
  • We teach patients how to find a sense of balance and well-being
  • We cultivate a friendly, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere where patients can feel free to speak their mind
  • We believe in honesty and transparency
  • We give back to the community by providing a close-to-home resource for high-quality mental health services
  • We strive to maintain strong relationships with our patients and leave them feeling highly satisfied about how to manage symptoms in both group and individual settings

We know that our patients want to get better, and from the moment we begin working with you or your loved one, we will provide the individualized attention and care they deserve. No matter how difficult and stressful a problem may seem, there is always a way to reframe the situation and find healthier ways of dealing with it. Learn more about our dedicated team that is ready to help you or a loved one.