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About Psychiatric Solutions

It’s important to find the right balance for your mental health needs. Patients who are leaving a 24-hour residential facility may have difficulty transitioning back to daily life without continuous professional support. Likewise, outpatients receiving treatment two or three days a week may feel like they need a more intensive program but are unwilling to check-in to a residential facility. Psychiatric Solutions offers an effective compromise between these two options.

  • We empower patients to play an active role in their treatment, recovery, and health
  • We teach patients how to find a sense of balance and well-being
  • We cultivate a friendly, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere where patients can feel free to speak their mind
  • We believe in honesty and transparency
  • We give back to the community by providing a close-to-home resource for high-quality mental health services
  • We strive to maintain strong relationships with our patients and leave them feeling highly satisfied about how to manage symptoms in both group and individual settings

Call us today at (509) 863-9779 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the services we offer for depression treatment.

Leadership Team

Ahmed Abouesh, M.D.

Ahmed Abouesh, M.D., CEO and Medical Director

CEO & Medical Director

Meghan Phillips

Meghan Phillips, Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Curtis Pollen

Curtis Pollen, Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Mandy Damrich

Damrich, Mandy

Chief Financial Officer

Alicia Tomlinson

Tomlinson, Alicia

Program Supervisor

Gretchen Allen

Gretchen Allen (002)

Chief Happiness Officer

Medical Team

Sandra Dexter, M.D.

Sandra Dexter, M.D., Psychiatrist


Clinical Team

Agustin Reyes Lopez,

Lopez, Agustin (Agui)


Chandler Smith, LSWAIC, SUDP-T

Smith, Chandler


Jennah Blossom

Jennah Blossom LMHCA, Clinician


Breezy Tottenhoff, MA, LMFTA

Tottenhoff, Brianna (Breezy)


Rebecca Williams,

Williamson, Rebecca (Becca)